Moscow / Russia

When I was going to Russia I was thinking that I will like Saint Petersburg more than Moscow.
In Saint Petersburg wasn’t bad, I liked it a bit but all the time I had a feeling that something is missing
And when I arrived to Moscow I realized what.

It’s not the first time that I say that but I have to say it again.
I travel not to see a beautiful places but meet beautiful people.
And it was like that this time as well.
In Moscow I stayed with an incredible couple from couchsurfing.
During three days they showed me the city from their point of you.
We went to see the typical tourist points but what is much important for me that I could see places that I would never discover by myself.
An artistic parts of the city, where young artists exhibit their work.
I will share my find with you and if you are in Moscow and you like art don’t hesitate to go there.
It’s in Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod, close to the Kurskaya metro station.

I also learned about life in Russia, heard interesting stories, but this I am not gonna share with you 🙂

Thank you guys, becuase of you Moscow is one of the cities that I will never forget

ps. when you are in Moscow I higly recomend to see the famous Moscow metro stations.
I knew that they exist but I was not expecting that it’s gonna be so impresive