Bye, bye 2019

Year 2019 I would call a year of many new people and many deep conversation in my life
The conversations with my friends and family and also with many random people than because of my work I had an opportunity to meet. I felt like finally after a very long time I opened fully and spoke about very important things. I had feeling that people around me; close people to my heart or just people that I saw for few hours also have opened a lot and shared very privet and intimate moments with me.

Some people say that the secret is that you don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are.

The last year brought me reflexive moments, sharing positive energy and plenty of love.
I decided not to travel far, just travel around the place that I live and discover more my new country.
I feel like in 2019 I have done many trips inside my too.
The truth is that to find yourself and realize who you really are, what you need to be happy, you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s enough that you focus on yourself and start listening to your heart and this will bring many answers of more complicated questions.

When I look back, I see myself that way. I have attracted to my life this what I started to became. Or maybe I always was like that, I just didn’t see it clearly or it was hidden somewhere deep.

Thank you 2019 for this beautiful journey.
I have visited amazing places of Andalusia, I have visited many far away places in the stories of people that I was lucky to meet.
But the most important is that I visited my soul and heart and I stared to understand it more.

It was wonderful year, I am very grateful for every single moment that I was lucky to spent.
Happy to start next year of my life.


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